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21st June 2019  |  Informative

Aftercare Tips For Your New Conservatory Roof

Solid Choice

So, you’ve either made the esteemed decision to buy a solid roof from Solarframe’s fantastic range or you are seriously considering it. Either way, you’ve done the right thing. The benefits of a new conservatory roof are considerably significant. It’s safe to say, the responsibility of caring for a glass conservatory roof is hugely different to looking after a solid, tiled roof.

To clean a glass roof, there are many different processes that you should adhere too, and these can be very time consuming. These include creating a cleaning solution, dealing with moss and having to clean at certain times of the day. On the aftercare front, solid comes on top every time.

How should you care for your new roof?

At Solarframe we want to make sure you are fully satisfied with our products for years to come. That’s why we have produced this handy article to help you look after your new solid roof and experience the conservatory’s tranquility with peace of mind. The main aspect you need to look out for would be the buildup of debris in the gutter surrounding the roof.

Depending on the season and the type of area you live in, different objects will be collected in the gutter. Leaves and dirt are the usual culprits. Make sure you use thick, durable gloves to clear out this debris as well as you can. This all helps towards ensuring that the drainage system performs as effectively as possible.

Safety first

Use a good, dependable ladder to complete this process. It’s height dependant, but sometimes a step ladder can do the job. Be cautious when climbing the ladder, and preferably look at doing this in drier weather, to prevent any slip ups.

After you’ve cleared the debris, use a hosepipe to get rid of any smaller pieces. It would help if you can commit to doing this every few months, but it does really depend on the weather. It would be best to carry out this task if a particularly rainy/windy storm occurs. One thing to reiterate is that you should never climb onto the actual roof to clean, as this is too dangerous and could result in injury.

Still stuck?

Need any more tips? Get in touch with our team, to discuss any aftercare queries you have regarding your new solid tiled roof from Solarframe. We want you to enjoy your conservatory as much as possible!

Post by Sarah Fretwell