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2nd September 2019  |  News

The Essential Guide To Buying A Conservatory

Is a Conservatory Right For You?

If you’re looking to add a bespoke breathing space to your home, a conservatory is always a good investment. When looking to buy a conservatory, you need to really stop and think about what you want to achieve with the new addition to your home. Are you looking for a place to spend time with your family all year round? Are you wanting to create an area that blends outdoors with indoors? What are you wanting to use your conservatory for? The answers to these questions can often help you decide the best approach to designing and building a conservatory. For instance, if you’re wanting a room that opens into an almost-outdoor dining area, this will need to be factored in when designing where the doors will go, or which direction they face.

Which Style Best Suits Your Home?

It’s important to consider what style of conservatory would best compliment the existing aesthetic of your home. This could be thought about in many ways, for instance, are you hoping to blend a modern home with a traditional garden, or are you looking to extend the rustic feel of your house? There are different styles of conservatory available, from the traditional Victorian style or the more elongated Lean-to conservatory. Regardless, its important to choose a conservatory style that you will still love in fifteen years time. There are also a lot of misconceptions about what constitutes a conservatory, with a lot of people overlooking the possibility of an orangery or a garden studio. It’s important to browse these options before committing, and ensure that not only will you love the new addition, but it can be used in the ideal way that you’re hoping for.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Conservatory?

Conservatories aren’t just for show. While many people buy a conservatory as the go-to extension to their home, most don’t realise the hidden benefits that buying a top quality bespoke conservatory can give to your home. For instance, the atmosphere that you get from a conservatory cannot be achieved with a standard home extension. A conservatory blends the refreshing atmosphere of outdoors with the homeliness of indoors, creating a refreshing, relaxing environment that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. When combined with a glass roof lantern, a conservatory provides you with a place in your home that is always naturally lit, giving you a sense of relaxation that cannot be reliably found elsewhere in your home.

As we mentioned earlier, conservatories can be found in many different styles, and designed in such a way that perfectly compliments the feel of your home. Our expert architects can help you design the perfect conservatory for your home, factoring in dimensions, style, positioning and accessibility. On top of all this, a conservatory tends to improve the value of a home more so than standard extensions. The property market shows houses with conservatories are more desirable and therefore priced higher than their conservatory-less counterparts. Most people don’t actually know why they like conservatories so much, but if you understand these benefits before you choose one, you will know what you need to do to design it exactly how you want it.

What We Offer

Here at SolarFrame, we are one of the top designers and suppliers of custom built conservatories in Yorkshire. We have designed and built hundreds of conservatories up and down the region, in a range of property types. But what if you don’t think your home can’t accommodate one? If you get in touch with our expert property planners, we can guide you on the best way to balance your budget with your vision, so you can create the perfect conservatory for you. Not only do we advise, design and build the extension for you, we also take care of any planning permissions that might be necessary. Get in touch or pay us a visit today.

Post by Sarah Fretwell