Is A Garden Pod Right For Me?

A garden pod is one of the best ways to add value to your property without making any changes to your house. If you’re looking for an extension of your home that also retains a degree of separation, investing in a garden pod is great way to achieve this. A garden room can provide you with extra indoor space that retains a connection with the outdoors and a fresh atmosphere. The difference in atmospheres of the garden pod and the main house helps the pod to be suitable for a wide range of uses including an office, reading room, gym or summer house. 

Here at SolarFrame, we provide some of the best quality bespoke garden pods in South Yorkshire, with every detail of the build being custom designed to suit the style and aesthetic of your garden, and meeting the needs and budget of the homeowner. Our expert architects and engineers will make the process as easy as possible for you, helping you make the best decisions regarding the choice, design and customisation of your new garden pod.

Our Range of Garden Pods
Atmosphere A statement piece of architecture, the Atmosphere provides an open space ideal for a relaxing atmosphere.
Cube Little in size but huge in potential! Our most compact, versatile and efficient garden office.
Crèche A sleek and contemporary garden space, ideal for both work and play.
Gîte A rustic, French inspired retreat at the bottom of your garden, perfect for working or relaxing.
Technic Stunningly elegant and unique, the Technic will make a statement in any landscape.

What Makes Our Garden Pods Unique?

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