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2nd August 2018  |  News

Increase the Value of your Home with a Solid Roof

Updated 13 January 2020  |  Informative

Does adding a solid roof to a conservatory add value to your property?
In short, the answer is yes. Adding a solid tiled roof to your conservatory will add value to your home. 

This does always fluctuate depending on the property and the area but in September 2017, a midlands estate agent added £20,000 to the asking price of a home, all because it had a conservatory with a Solid Roof fitted.

This is what he said:

“As a rule, a typical glass roof conservatory wouldn’t usually have any effect on the value of a house, unless it is very large or a particularly special conservatory, and to be honest at first glance I thought this property featured a single storey extension, it certainly looked like one. While I was there I remembered that I’d just valued a different house in the same road at £275,000, but when I saw this home with its additional room and how it added extra ground floor living space, I suggested we put the house on the market at £295,000. It was clearly the right decision as we received an offer within the month and sold it in double quick time. Interestingly the new owners only lived two streets away in a very similar house, but they said that they loved the way the kitchen was integrated with the garden room, and that they had fallen in love with the home there and then”

We recommend you get in touch with a local estate agent to find out just how much value you can expect to add. A solid roof is an investment in your home as well as just improving your old conservatory. Find out more about the benefits of a Solid Tiled Roof.

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Orignal Post by Amy Myers
02 August 2018

Post by @admin-solarframe

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