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19th November 2019  |  Informative

Investing In A Solid Roof Conservatory

When carefully considered, investing in a solid roof conservatory can be a great choice, and can help boost the value and profitability of your home, should you come to sell it in the future.

Whilst you can enjoy the present benefits of a new bespoke conservatory, you can also have peace of mind knowing that the investment you have made can add additional profit to the sale of your home, should you choose to move.

There are of course a number of considerations to make before deciding whether or not you should invest in buying a solid roof conservatory.

Location Is Key

When buying a conservatory, you should consider the practical implications such as location at your property. Will you have space for the conservatory? Will it take up too much space in the garden? 

There really isn’t a set rule of thumb when it comes to measuring up a conservatory, as most designs are made bespoke to the available space. All these questions can be answered with a free home survey from our experts.

Consider The Weather

Most people still believe that a conservatory is still only practical for use in the summer and spring months. However, with a modern solid roof conservatory, technical features such as materials and new solid roof technology make it comfortable for use all year round. Less investment is needed in heating and lighting a solid roof conservatory, making them much more practical and affordable than traditional designs of the past.

Make Your Conservatory Match

Styling your new conservatory to compliment your home is essential. A conservatory that has a completely different colour or design to the feel of your home will look out of character, and this may put off potential buyers in the future.

You may wish to compare styles to see which best matches your homes style, we offer a range of styles on our solid roof conservatories such as Edwardian, Victorian and Lean To.

Edwardian conservatory building erected by Solarframe

Complete Your Market Research

It’s essential that when planning to buy a new conservatory that you compare designs, planning and pricing from a number of vendors. To help you get all the information you need to plan your new conservatory, we offer a free brochure download, and can assist your with a free home survey and online quote

Get In Touch

If you wish to speak to our team for free advice and support with your new conservatory, then give us a call today or fill in our quick callback form.

Post by Sarah Fretwell