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29th July 2019  |  Informative

How Do I Keep My Conservatory Cool?

It’s fair to say that the UK is renowned for its extreme politeness, poor weather and highly frequent conversations about said weather. But it seems that one of these stereotypes is possibly getting slowly but surely deconstructed. The tides (and summers) are changing.

Thursday the 25th of July 2019 was officially the second hottest day ever recorded in the UK. A temperature of 36.7C was reached, and our neighbours France were even hotter at 42.6C. As we notoriously use this topic as a go to point when chatting with strangers/friends, it became all the more regular. The phrase ‘It’s too hot’ was the icebreaker of choice for numerous chats on that fateful Thursday. And there wasn’t any level of disagreement!

Outside workers became inwardly jealous of their office working counterparts, due to the latter receiving refreshing air conditioning. And when that fateful finishing time came, so did the spontaneous purchases of paddling pools, cold drinks and iced goods. Conservatories are always a popular choice when the sun is shining, but how can you prevent overheating?

5 Tips For Keeping Your Conservatory Cool

1. Solid Roof

A high quality, solid tiled roof will not only transform the feel in your conservatory, it becomes more energy efficient too. We mention it frequently but it’s so true – they keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter! They make the conservatory safer, looking smarter and reduce noise pollution. Solarframe’s roofs in particular are of a premium quality and are tested to the standards demanded by the LABC.

2. Blinds

Stylish and comfortable are two words describing what you’d like your conservatory to be. Blinds can help achieve that by blocking out the glaring, direct sunlight. Generally, installation isn’t very difficult and they keep your conservatory feeling cooler, so it’s a no brainer. The added layer also keeps a small limited amount of heat in during the summer months.

There are several types of blinds you can choose from, to suit the style of the conservatory and the rest of the home. Venetian, Shutters, Blackout, Rollers, to name a few!

3. Windows

Out of the 5 tips for keeping a conservatory cool, this is probably one that you could have possibly guessed! Ventilation is key when keeping a normal body temperature in a conservatory. That’s why simply opening windows inside it and doors around it can cool you down rapidly. If you are lucky enough to have a breeze present when the sun is sweltering, you want to ensure this the air circulates.

High quality air creates a healthier atmosphere, and it reduces the chances of condensation! But a vital point to remember is security so don’t leave the house and present burglars with an easy opportunity.

4. Air Conditioning

One of the more costly solutions is air conditioning or as it’s more fashionably known – ‘air con’. A good air con system can change the temperature in a space rapidly, to suit everyone’s needs. Certain types do include a heating option, to make it an all-year-round solution.

If an air conditioning unit is a little too expensive, a great traditional alternative would be a ceiling fan. It all depends on where you are willing to give up the space, would it be the ceiling for a fan or floor space for air con. It depends how big your conservatory furniture is really!

5. Special Film

Here’s an option that is not as commonplace as the others, and maybe doesn’t spring to mind immediately. That being said, special film (or cooling film) could be the solution for you. It’s bespoke design matches the conservatory completely.

The film acts like a giant pair of shades and its adhesive layer becomes attached to the glass. While it’s stuck, the sun’s powerful UV rays are reflected rather than absorbed. Therefore, a cooling atmosphere is created! The rough figure that is universally agreed for the reduction is between 70 and 80%. 

How Can Being Too Hot Affect Your Health?

Sitting in a conservatory that is too warm can put your health at risk.

Some of the population are nonchalant about the potential health risks and some are more concerned. If you follow the handy tips above you will keep your conservatory cool, but what actually happens if you are overexposed in public? There’s no doubt being too hot can affect you negatively both mentally and physically, with the possible effects being:

Sunburn – which is caused by too much exposure to the sun. Or specifically the UV rays which the sun generates. It can range from mild sunburn to severe, depending on the symptoms. These include blisters, swelling, nausea and headaches. Sunburn generally takes around a week to be fully cleared.

Heatstroke – also known as heat exhaustion, heatstroke is a more serious matter than sunburn. If it doesn’t seem to be subsiding within half an hour it’s actually best to get the emergency services involved. There are common symptoms to look out for such as a high pulse, extreme thirst, non-stop sweating and extreme dizziness. 

Dehydration – a lack of total body water. Mental and physical fatigue tends to kick in when the body has more than a 10 percent loss. Bodily functions start not working as well as they should, and it becomes more serious the longer it goes on. Symptoms/signs to look out for are a dry mouth, tiredness, dizziness, difficulty breathing and pain in the chest or abdomen.

Heatstroke/Heat exhaustion isn’t just exclusive to humans either. It’s important to make sure your pets are looked after properly when temperatures rise. Similar symptoms occur when pets are overexposed to UV rays, as humans. There are a couple of extra ones to watch out for though such as reddening of the ears and increased panting. 

To find out more about Solarframe’s solid tiled roofs and how they can keep your conservatory cool, get in contact with our team today. 

Post by Sarah Fretwell