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29th October 2020  |  News

No party, no problem – Halloween at home!

Just because fancy dress parties and trick or treating is out of the question this year, that doesn’t mean the Halloween fun has to be too!

Spruce up your conservatory or garden studio with some cobwebs, bunting, skeletons and some orange and black balloons – and fancy dress is a must for the kids (and adults too!.

Here are a few fiendishly fun ideas for all the family! Whether you have little ones or just want an excuse to join in, get the pumpkins at the ready!

Frightening Films

Every Halloween should involve a scary film or two, but before we get to the movies, we need the snacks…we love ‘slime’ popcorn!

Get your favourite popcorn, melt some white chocolate and stir in green food colouring, toss the popcorn in the melted chocolate for a green gooey delight and leave to set! Get some white chocolate buttons and black writing icing, dot an eyeball for some spooky eyeballs and mix them into your popcorn!

Now for the films, our family favourites are Hotel Transylvania, Frankenweenie or the absolute halloween must, Hocus Pocus – or if you want the ultimate scare-fest, how about the 70’s classic Psycho, IT or The Shining… Here’s Johnny!

Creepy Cocktails

No Halloween is complete without a bowl of punch! Mix 500ml of cranberry juice, with 1.5l of lemonade and throw in some gummy worms – for a grown-up version just add a slug of gin or vodka.

Or if you want to up the gore factor, how about a Frankenstein punch, get a jar of lychees in syrup, drain them off, keeping the juice. Stuff the lychees with the grapes. And divide the lychee ‘eyeballs’ between some tumblers. Put the reserved lychee juice in a large jug with some ginger beer and limeade or lemonade. Add enough green food colouring to turn the liquid a bright green. Pour it over the ‘eyeballs’ just before serving!

Finally, one just for the adults… Get a cocktail shaker and pour in 125ml black vodka, 100ml vodka, 250ml pomegranate juice and a couple of dashes of orange bitters – share out between 4 martini glasses, and drop in some pomegranate seeds for added spook!

Halloween Games

No party, no problem. All of the classic Halloween party games can be just as fun with only your family.

First, we’re bobbing for apples! Who can get the most apples? …Without cheating, hands behind backs please! Next it’s time for ghost in the graveyard, a twist on hide and seek – once the ghost has hidden, the rest seek – once the ghost has been found, they’re chased back to safety. The first person tagged becomes the ghost.

After all that excitement, we’re moving onto pin the spider on the web. Draw up a spiders web and stick it on the wall, everyone is given a ‘spider’ with some blue-tac on the back and takes it in turns to be blindfolded and see how close to the centre of the web they can get – the closest wins.

And finally, a new and very lockdown-friendly tradition, ghosting. Make a bag of Halloween goodies, full of spooky sweet treats Leave the bag on a friend or neighbours doorstep to let them know you’re thinking of them, include a note to encourage them to ghost someone else!

Get Out and About

Head on over to Stockeld Park in North Yorkshire there’s plenty to do, from trying to escape the haunted house, to braving the spooky maze! Head into their enchanted forest to find the witches and go and choose your very of pumpkin from the field!

Visit on of the most haunted sites in Yorkshire and venture into a new dimension this Halloween. Over at York Maze in the grounds of the former Dunnington Lodge, explore mysterious buildings with a twisted history, see live stage acts and creepy characters. We’re definitely heading over to Hallowtween this weekend.

You can also take a trip to the home of Dracula. Pop on over to Pickering and take the Ghost Train to Whitby, get 2.5 hours to explore the seaside town and visit the legendary Whitby Abbey for spooky stories and a creepy trail before returning to Pickering – fancy dress optional but encouraged!

So there’s our lockdown lowdown on everything Halloween – have fun and stay safe!

Post by Nikki Dunbar