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12th August 2020  |  News

Old Conservatory Woes Are Summer’s Hot Topic

Quite literally a hot topic at the moment – the weather. Britain’s heatwave continues with temperatures soaring to over 36ºC. However, this intense heat is also bringing some equally intense thunderstorms. 

With the usual standard of the Great British summer, we should be grateful for this stunning weather, we have enjoyed recently. Understandably, if you own a conservatory that overheats at the mere sight of the sun, it’s not so favourable. 

More than just the age-old problem

Old polycarbonate and glass roofs are notoriously bad at keeping the heat outside, leaving them too hot and unused throughout the summer months. However, that’s not the only problem conservatory owners are facing. If despite the heat, you’ve spent some time in your conservatory, with the ongoing, almost freak weather, you’ll know torrential downpours ruin the relaxing ambience. If that’s not enough, hail the size of ice cubes has been battering the UK. An insurance claim in the making for thin polycarbonate roofs.

Conservatory roof replacement is the perfect solution. Fitted onto existing frames, a solid roof consists of a combination of insulation and lightweight tiles. These offer great soundproofing and controls the ambient temperature of your room making it a year-round usable space. They’re also strong and secure taking oversized hail in its stride and anything else even the winter months might bring.

We can help!

If you think your conservatory needs a weather-friendly makeover, give us a shout. We’re Yorkshire’s premium manufacturer and installer of conservatories, orangeries, windows, doors and garden studios, transforming homes for over 30 years. We also have the largest showsite in the region, with full size conservatories to inspire your next home improvement project. 

Our expert team can help you every step of the way. If you’ve got questions about any products, finance or simply need a hand choosing the solid roof that’s right for you. We’ll also look after every area of your project all the way from surveying to installation and aftercare. 

You can also fill in our form to request a quote!

Post by Nikki Dunbar