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Originally designed as a means for growing oranges in the grounds of stylish residences in the 17th and 18th centuries, orangeries have become a fashionable alternative to the traditional conservatory.

Typically, an orangery’s glass roof will cover less than 75% of the overall roof area, and it’s glass walls will cover less than 50% of the total wall area. This differs from conservatories, which traditionally have windows covering more than 50% of the total wall area. Essentially, an orangery is the middle ground between a conservatory and a traditional extension to your home. Because orangery extensions are primarily built with brick walls, they can be customised to suit any style of home or existing brickwork and can often feel cosier and will retain their heat far better than conservatories.

Whether you are looking for the elegance of a traditional orangery, or the modern stylishness of a contemporary orangery, SolarFrame can help you find the perfect extension to suit both your home and your budget. If you are unsure about whether an orangery is the best choice for you, browse more information about orangeries or contact our team.

What makes our traditional orangeries unique?

Why choose a SolarFrame Orangery?

Building regulations & planning permissions taken care of.
Delivering bespoke orangeries for over 10 years.
Designed for compatibility and functionality.
Designed for fast, easy fabrication & fitting.
Energy efficient & quality-assured products.
Guaranteed for upto 20 years.
Unique colour-match across all products including guttering, soffits and fascias.
Variety of styles & sizes to suit all tastes & budgets.

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