Conservatory Roof Replacement • SolarFrame • Home Improvement
View from Garden of House with Solid Roof Conservatory with French Doors

Conservatory Roof Replacement

We highly recommend SolarFrame and their  light weight tiled solid roof – it is a very beneficial investment to our home.

What our customers said

Changing the roof on your conservatory can make a world of difference. Instead of using it for just a few summer months you can use it every day. A couple contacted us with just that in mind, they had a big room that they just couldn’t use very often. We changed the roof to one of our solid tiled roofs, with two Velux windows for additional light and ventilation. We think the result is incredible, both inside and out.

This is what the said: 

“Before we had a new solid roof fitted we could only use our conservatory for three months of the year but the new solid conservatory roof has meant that we are able to enjoy it every single day.

The Conservatory is now warm, bright and a much more elegant room than it used to be.  We were very impressed with the workmanship of SolarFrame – the fitters worked like Trojans to get the job done.

The plasterer and all of the SolarFrame staff have bent over backwards to make sure that we we’re happy with the final result.

There has been a cold winter and a warm summer since we had our solid tiled roof fitted and the temperature in the conservatory has been perfect throughout.

I’d highly recommend SolarFrame – it has been a very beneficial investment in our home.”