Trusted Suppliers of Solid Roof Conservatories

At Solar Frame, we are one of the top suppliers of high-quality solid roof conservatories for Doncaster. Renowned for their versatility, our designs are sure to improve the experience of your home and create a custom built space for you to enjoy. Valuable breathing space is created which enhances the atmosphere and can only have a positive effect on a busy home.

Why Choose a Solid Roof Conservatory?

Our bespoke, quality designs are guaranteed to last more than 20 years.
Want enhanced protection against burglars and leaks? Our strong roof tiles work perfectly.
Our experienced efficient team will create a custom style just for you.
An extra relaxing space is installed with ease.
Long term value is added to your property.
We uniquely match colours with our entire product range.

Custom Built & Expertly Designed.

At Solar Frame we have a vast variety of sizes and styles to match with your requirements, so you can have peace of mind that we’ll fulfill your conservatory needs. We supply Victorian, Edwardian, Gable Fronted, Lean-To and P-Shaped conservatories with solid roofs. Get in touch today and across Doncaster, our Solar Frame specialists can provide high-quality installations to your satisfaction.

Our Range of Conservatories
Victorian Conservatory Distinguished by its traditional look and feel.
Edwardian Conservatory Maximising the use of internal space.
Gables Flood your conservatory with light
Lean-to Conservatory Ideal choice for bungalows or homes with height restrictions.
Combination Increased flexibility by combining different styles.

Bespoke Conservatory Design

To ensure that we are always able to meet our customers specific needs, we offer bespoke solid roof conservatory design to homeowners, combining different styles to create unique structures that satisfy your requirements in full.


Need help finding the perfect bespoke conservatory?

Call or email us today to discuss your requirements. Visit our contact us page for full details.

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