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28th April 2020  |  Informative

Stay In With Your Own Garden Bar

There’s no going out-out at the minute but who cares when you can stay in-in!

With our Atmosphere Garden Studio you can have the most stylish pub at the bottom of your garden. 

Folding doors open on our atmosphere garden studio

This stunning studio is a customer favourite. Plenty of room to chill out, watch a movie or your favourite sport, grab some drinks and snacks and it’s only a couple of steps from home. With a built in WC you can spend the entire evening in the Atmosphere, feeling like you’ve actually gone out but without the hassle of getting ready, ordering taxis and queuing in overcrowded spaces etc. This can make such a difference, especially if you’ve spent all day working, looking after the kids, housework etc. Sometimes you want to go somewhere different but without all the effort. The good news is, now you can. 

Plus points of having your very own garden studio bar: 

  • Guaranteed to stock all of your favourite drinks & snacks (probably even cheaper than you’ll get at your actual local!)
  • No need to queue for a taxi at the end of the night. It’s just a short walk, or stagger home. Depends how the night went. 
  • Totally styled to your taste, no more wonky tables, dirty glasses or beer stained stools. 
  • Match Days can be packed full of your friends & family (post lock-down obviously) 

Our garden studios are totally bespoke so you can guarantee you are going to love the final product. All our products are quality assured and guaranteed to improve the value of your home. 

Interested? You can now take a tour of all of our garden studios right now without even getting out of your seat. Check out our virtual showroom and you can take a look at the different styles of studio we sell. We’re also offering virtual consultations if you’d like to find out more. 

With prices starting from only £9,995 and lots of finance options available (including buy now, pay next year) why not get in touch for your free no obligation quote!

We’ve also just introduced our brand new Swapage scheme where you can trade in your used car, motorbike, caravan or motorhome/campervan and benefit from a best price valuation, towards a brand-new personalised Garden Studio.

Call on 0800 625 0000 or contact us here for more information.

Post by Sarah Fretwell