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12th February 2020  |  News

Did Storm Ciara Raise the Roof for you?

Storm Ciara certainly went wild at the weekend! Chaos ensued across the country as heavy rain and winds of up to 100mph left many homes without power and even worse, substantial damage to property.  We’ve now been told to expect more heavy rain and gales in the form of Storm Dennis this weekend.

If you’ve got a solid roof on your conservatory then chances are, Storm Ciara didn’t get a look in this weekend (we even got a customer review on Google Reviews advising us of this, thank you Stephen Pritchard!) however some of the older polycarbonate conservatory roofs might not have survived as well. We strongly advise checking your conservatory and if you find any issues to get them investigated as soon as possible to determine if it’s just repairs you need or a replacement conservatory roof.

Check for leaks. Make sure there’s no broken glass. Look at the roof panels, if they have slipped this could cause the rafter ends to become loose, which causes leaks. Make sure you check your gutters as well. If they are clogged up this could cause water overflow and more leaks. If you have found some leaks, make sure you gather up any belongings and move them to a safe place until the leak is fixed.

Collapsed Conservatory Roofs Snow Damage. Conservatory Roof Replacement

With more bad weather on the way, is your roof as secure as you need it to be? Hail stones can cause small holes to appear on the outside layer of your polycarbonate roof.  Heavy snow could compromise the roof structure or potentially cause structural damage. This is more likely to occur on older polycarbonate conservatory roofs that have deteriorated over the years.

We advise that you check your conservatory and make sure any repairs are done both quickly and professionally. If your conservatory is looking like it needs more than just a few repairs, it could be time for an overhaul. If you need a replacement conservatory roof then get in touch today. We can discuss replacing your old polycarbonate one with a solid tiled roof and let you know if you need new frames as well.

As a Which Truster Trader we are a reliable company and we’ll manage the job from start to finish. Give us a call on 0800 625 0000 for more information.

Post by Sarah Fretwell