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24th October 2019  |  Informative

What Is The Thermal Performance Of My Conservatory?

What Is The Thermal Performance Of My Conservatory?

The thermal performance of your conservatory is a measurement of how well your conservatory retains heat, and circulates cooling air when needed. 

Getting the most value out of your conservatory is essential, and by trapping in heat in the winter, and introducing cooling air in the summer, a solid roof on a conservatory can make all the difference between having a conservatory space that is unsuitable for use, or perfect for use all year round.

There are now even more benefits to better conservatory thermal performance by using a solid roof:

  • A good degree of thermal performance provided by a solid roof will keep your conservatory space warm and comfortable in the winter, but cool in the summer.
  • Heating costs become substantially less when a solid roof is introduced thanks to maximum thermal performance.
  • Environmentally friendly, as less fossil fuels are needed to control heating or cooling the space.
  • Creates an additional liveable space in your home that can be used for any purpose.
  • If trying to sell your home, having a conservatory that is great for use all year round is much more appealing and valuable.

Help Do Your Bit For Climate Change Whilst Saving Money With A Solid Roof

One of the hot topics that has been mentioned a lot on the news recently is climate change. By purchasing a solid roof conservatory, you are committing to an environmentally friendly solution from manufacture to build.

Our conservatory roofs are manufactured in the UK, and so logistically they are less harmful to the environment.

Not only this but the thermal performance of the finished product delivers unrivalled economic and environmental benefits by saving money on bills, and using less natural gas and electric to heat your conservatory space – reducing the carbon footprint of your home. 

a solid roof conservatory built with a brown solid roof with great thermal performance

A Bespoke Solution That’s Aesthetically Pleasing As Well As Energy Efficient

Not only is a solid roof conservatory great for saving energy, it’s also really easy on the eye. Our beautiful bespoke designs look visually stunning, thanks to their unique styles and design features. You could even include some sky pod lanterns to bring light and life to your conservatory to further maximise its visual appeal.

You can check out our full range of conservatories on our website – view our different models including the classic Edwardian and Victorian styles, or you may prefer to choose from our choice of Gable or Lean To Conservatories. 

Looking At A Solid Roof – Call Us Today

Architects and builders all around the UK recognise a solid roof as being one of the most energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your conservatory. 

If you would like to know more about our range, or for more information about how a solid roof conservatory will make your home more eco friendly, then call us today.

Post by Sarah Fretwell