The garden room – Summer 2021’s most wanted • SolarFrame
Garden studio idea

We’ve all learned to use our homes in different ways over the last year and wished for extra space. Make that dream a reality with a garden studio.  Plus, there is an added bonus that a garden studio can also add around 5% to the value of your home. 

Every one of our garden studios is made bespoke to suit your needs, with no planning permission needed! Providing an endless potential of possible uses, our garden hideouts are perfect for work, leisure, or just about anything. Here’s a few ideas:

Home office

Home office

Many people are still working from home and potentially will continue to do so for a longer period of time that we all expected. Re-establish routine and bring back the daily commute, but as a few steps down the garden rather than rush hour road rage.

You come home from work to relax, but where do you relax when home is also work?

Maintaining the work life balance is important for mental health too. Even more of a reason to keep the conference calls, laptop and filing cabinet away from home, in your brand-new garden studio.

Garden bar

A garden bar is a fun and exciting way to use extra space in your garden.

Your garden studio could become a utopia for lovers of the Great British pub nestled in that unused corner of your garden. Line up the optics, drop in the beer pumps and a maybe a dart board for good measure. Make it a perfect place to enjoy your favourite tipple and a catch up with friends.

Or maybe you want to bring the holiday vibes to your garden? As much as we’d love to, we can’t bring the beach to your garden but we can help you recreate that favourite Mediterranean chill out spot. We don’t condone stealing the kids’ sandpit as an alternative!

Home gym

We have all been displaced from the gym throughout lockdown, leaving us scratching our heads on how to adapt our training (Heinz beans dumbbells anyone?). Adapting to change has seen home gyms rise to the top of the list of the most wanted.  

Gym membership can cost on average £500 per year, rising to nearly £1500 for premium gyms. Maybe now is the time to invest that membership fee into your own personal home workout zone instead.

No more waiting for that one guy hogging the squat rack to finish his elaborate routine or turning up Spotify in our headphones to drown out the dreadful choice of music. A garden room gym gives you the flexibility to workout in your own way. Open the bi-fold doors, turn up the tunes and workout with your own equipment in a comfortable atmosphere. Create your own schedule.  

Chill out zone

Chillout zone

Our humble abode has well and truly become our safe zone, but why not extend that into your garden?

Maybe you want a space for that Saturday morning coffee, where you can read the paper in peace or a Sunday afternoon retreat. Or if you’re still working from home, create a relaxing area away from your home office, just a few steps down the garden.

What will yours be?

We are sure you’ll agree there’s nothing more calming that the fresh air of the great outdoors. Even with uncertain British weather, a garden room is the perfect chill-out zone. Just add comfy chairs, greenery and soft lighting for a perfect tranquil retreat.

Our garden rooms are available in four different styles and made bespoke to your exact requirements.

Our team look after everything from the initial design through to groundworks, electrics, plumbing, plastic and finishing touches. All’s that is left is for you to decide what will yours be?