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24th July 2020  |  News

Will A Solid Roof Make My Conservatory Dark?

One of the biggest misconceptions our customers have about replacing their polycarbonate or glass roof with a Solid Tiled Roof is that they will lose all the light in their conservatory.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! We sometimes lose sight of the fact that the entire room is still made up of windows, meaning that regardless of the roof, it will still be the lightest, brightest room in your home. Of course, the solid roof won’t allow light through its many layers of insulation, but it will certainly not result in a dark room!

For customers who would still like additional light, we can fit skylights into the roof to provide that extra beam of light, or for any stargazers that would miss seeing the night sky, we can fit our SkyPod roof which is 1/3 glass, 2/3 solid tiled roof, meaning customers can get benefits of a glass roof without the detrimental effects on the temperature of the room that a complete glass roof would have.

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Post by Sarah Fretwell

Post by Sarah Fretwell