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8th August 2019  |  Informative

Work From Home With A Garden Office Studio

What Is A Garden Office Studio?

Working from home has never been so stylish. In the modern internet-driven world, many of us often find ourselves working from home in some way. Whether this means running your own business or freelance services, working remotely or catching up on emails after your 9 to 5 spills over, many of us will find our work lives and our home lives mixing. Therefore, home offices are commonly found in the spare room of many homes in the UK. However, for those of us requiring a totally separate environment untouched by the distractions of home life, there is a perfect solution.

A garden office studio is a fantastic way to work from home while maintaining a totally separate working environment. Picture this; you wake up, eat your breakfast, step out your door and walk through your own garden to work. You sit down, twenty seconds after leaving home and start your working day. Very few people can boast such an easy commute. In this article, we’re going to explore how a garden office studio can provide the perfect solution to creating a working environment at home. Let’s get started!

A garden office studio with black roof in back garden

Blending Your Home And Work Environments

For many people, working from home is the dream. Not having to contend with horrendous commutes or joyless environments, along with working to your own schedule is a luxury that only a lucky few of us are given. However, there are drawbacks to working from home. If your living room becomes your office, you can struggle to separate work life from home life. The distractions of home may hinder your motivation to work, or you may struggle to switch your work brain off when you’ve done for the day. These are issues that you will rarely encounter in your own private garden office studio. 

Since your office sits in the garden outside your main home, you can maintain two distinct atmospheres for your working and living environments. If your garden office studio does not contain the distractions of home, like a TV or a kitchen, it will feel far more like a work environment and therefore you will find it far easier to separate your work brain from your home brain. Once you’ve finished your work for the day, lock your office up, walk ten paces back to your house, and snap; back to home life. 

Is A Garden Office Studio Right For Me?

If you are looking for a new business HQ that’s ten steps from home, totally customisable to your business’ style and free from the tyrannical rule of an office landlord, a garden studio office could be just what you need. If you find yourself hosting business visitors at home or making video calls for work, the interior aesthetic needs to represent your business and portray a professional atmosphere.

Inviting potential clients to your home address can often be an uncomfortable experience for both parties, but having a garden office that maintains a totally separate atmosphere from your home will solve this problem. If you have children or pets, storing your valuable business related documents and equipment within your home can end in disaster. With a garden office studio, all your work related paraphernalia will remain safe from the rampages of pets or children. 

Learn More

Here at SolarFrame, we provide complete design and construction services for high quality garden office studios. We are specialists in the architecture and aesthetic design of garden rooms, and offer a complete custom-build service to fit your needs perfectly. We have five distinct styles of garden studios suitable for many purposes, in both traditional and contemporary designs in small and large build sizes.

No matter your needs, you can rest assured that we can design the perfect garden studio for you. All our products are quality assured and guaranteed to improve the value of your home due to the high quality, durable constructions that we provide. If you think you would benefit from a custom designed garden office studio, get in touch with our expert advisors today. 

Post by Sarah Fretwell