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8th April 2018  |  Company Growth

Yorkshire Garden Studios Vision

A year ago, we broke ground at our premises in Rotherham on a truly epic expansion of our show-space. The already impressive collection of buildings, showcasing our range of Conservatories, solid roofs, orangeries, windows & doors was all set to grow to welcome the newest addition to our portfolio. The addition of a range of what would become our signature Yorkshire Garden Studios would demonstrate and bring to life an exhibit of our Yorkshire Garden Studios worthy of the level of skill and craftsmanship that goes into each individual Garden Studio.

The project was ambitious and took the contextual mock ups of 4 studio ideas, each with their own unique style and design and brought them to life. The Garden Studio was designed to offer a bespoke build to make the best possible use out of a garden space to create an area for work or play away from the structure of the main house. Our initial designs depicted a sleek modern office space, a cosy and quiet retreat in the form of a Gite, a contemporary Creche as a play room, and an all-inclusive home cinema room. These studios were just the starting points for which we can show you the quality and level of skill that goes into each of these projects. Whether it’s for a modern home office, a place for a growing family, or a spot to escape for a respite or social room; we work with you to design a perfect space for you.

What is included in the process:

  • Sales Enquiry and initial consultation
  • Site Survey, personalised quote and design specifications
  • Site preparation and Ground Works
  • Factory production all in house
  • First build – base, studio and exterior finish
  • Installation of electrics etc
  • Plaster Finish
  • Additional features – flooring, decking etc
  • Finishing Touches and Clean Up
  • Completed Yorkshire Garden Studio handover

The vision behind our Yorkshire Garden Studios was to offer a range of templates where a customer can begin their journey. From this framework the possibilities are endless. We work with each client to customise their Garden Studio to meet exactly what they are looking for. We have looked at the latest materials and processes, to allow us to deliver a fantastic product that we can be proud of, and that delivers the best Garden Studio build there is. Having aimed to reach the highest levels of design & engineering, we feel like we hit the target. From the drawing board to our show-space we have produced a product worth shouting about.

From this patch of earth in Yorkshire we poured our seemingly endless imagination, sweat and energy and have made something to be truly proud of. We would like to share our success with you;build your own castle with our help.

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Post by Sarah Fretwell