Is A Garden Studio Right For Me?

A garden studio is a fantastic way to add value to your garden and home. If you need more room in your home but you don’t want the disruption of building an extension, investing in a garden room or studio from SolarFrame is one of the best ways to add space and value to your property. Here at SolarFrame, our dedicated team can guide you through the process of choosing, designing and customising your new garden studio.

We offer garden rooms in a choice of four distinct styles, each of which can be customised to suit the needs of your garden. With many options on patio door styles, cladding, paving, lighting and internal fittings, SolarFrame have the best choice of custom garden studios in Yorkshire. We also offer ensuite facilities within your garden studio to suit your needs, whether it be for a home office, a play space for a growing family or a quiet retreat or study, the possibilities are endless.


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Atmosphere A statement piece of architecture, the Atmosphere provides an ideal space for entertaining, relaxing or exercising!
Cube Little in size but huge in potential! Our most compact, versatile studio.
Crèche A contemporary living space for both work and play.
Gîte A tranquil retreat at the bottom of your garden.
Technic Stunningly elegant and unique, the Technic will make a statement in any landscape.

Why Choose a Garden Studio From SolarFrame?


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