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30th May 2019  |  Informative

Modernising Conservatories With Lightweight Conservatory Roof Replacement

A modern conservatory should be usable all year round, with developments in technology now making them more convenient for use, remaining warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

A conservatory is a significant investment after all, and so it makes sense for you to be able to make full use of it whenever you wish. A lightweight conservatory roof replacement can help to protect your conservatory and ensure that you get the most out of such a valuable asset.

a solid roof in brown fitted as part of a lightweight conservatory roof replacement to a property in hull

Why would you need a lightweight conservatory roof replacement?

If you don’t want to buy a whole new conservatory but your tired old conservatory needs a refresh to make it more habitable, then a lightweight conservatory roof replacement could be the answer for you.

If your conservatory roof is leaking, damaged or your conservatory has become unusable when it’s too hot or cold outside, then why not consider allowing SolarFrame to install an innovative solid tiled conservatory roofs are designed with built in innovative technology that ensures your roof with be strong, durable and will help to regulate the temperature of your conservatory.

Is it costly to have a conservatory roof replacement?

Compared to buying and building a completely new conservatory, a lightweight conservatory roof replacement is a much more affordable option.

With all our solid roof replacements and new conservatories, we offer finance options to allow you to pay the cost of your roof replacement over time. Call or email us today to discuss your specific requirements and finance options we have available.

What different types of conservatory roofs do we offer?

There are lots of different types of conservatory roof, but we choose to install solid roofs which are built to last. There are lots of different reasons why we choose to install solid tiled roofs:

  • Our solid roofs retain warmth in winter, and stay cool even on sunny days.
  • Solid roof conservatories that we install have been given the police seal of approval, as they are virtually burglar proof.
  • They come with in build anti-leak, anti-glare and anti-noise pollution qualities so you can enjoy a dry, peaceful and relaxing experience in your conservatory.

What regulations are involved when it comes to modern conservatories and how is it dealt with?

SolarFrame Solid Roofs are designed and tested to the standards demanded by the LABC. We always make sure the roofs meet current building regulations in the United Kingdom.

It is much easier and quicker in terms of handling regulations to replace an existing conservatory roof, than to create a whole new building, as we can work to your existing specifications.

Call Us Today For Your Free Quote & Home Visit

If you want to fall back in love with your old conservatory, then a lightweight conservatory roof replacement with a solid roof may be the best, most cost effective solution for you.

Complete our request a quote form, or contact one of our friendly team today to discuss our services, and to arrange a free home visit so we can complete an on site survey and give you a reliable, no quibble quote for your new conservatory roof.

Post by Sarah Fretwell