Leaking conservatory roof? • SolarFrame
Mr & Mrs Howlett ad their replaced conservatory roof

Leaking conservatory roof?

‘We’re very pleased with the work we’ve had done and would definitely recommend SolarFrame to others.’


Howlett before photo of interior
Conservatory interior before the roof was replaced
Howlett before photo of exterior
Conservatory exterior of the old plastic roof


Conservatory with new roof
The new roof looks amazing!
Mr & Mrs Howlett outside their new conservatory
Mr & Mrs Howlett outside their new conservatory
It looks like an extension now, to be used year-round
It looks like an extension now, to be used year-round
Mr & Mrs Howlett

What our customers said

If you have a leaking conservatory roof or it is just looking old and dated, it might just be time to replace it. It can make a huge difference. When his old conservatory roof was leaking, Mr Howlett knew he would need to either repair it or replace it altogether.

Mr Howlett said, ‘Our old roof had started to leak and when we had it cleaned the leaks got even worse.  We knew we needed either a full repair job or a replacement and we decided to go with a new solid roof.

‘I had a look at a few companies online and contacted four, SolarFrame responded straight away and they arranged for a salesman to come out and see us.  I knew SolarFrame was a Which? Trusted Trader and that does make you feel more comfortable.  Replacing the roof was a big expense but, given the difference it has made to the conservatory, we think it was worth it.

‘The team came along to do the work and, on day one made the conservatory watertight. This was a relief as we’d had a tarpaulin down on the floor to protect it from the leaks.  The whole job took around six days which is what we had been given to expect.

‘We’ve noticed a difference already and the conservatory is much warmer now so will really become an extra room that gets used much more often. We just need to find somewhere for all the stuff that used to get dumped in there.  We had been a bit concerned that adding a solid roof to the conservatory might make our dining room a little dark but it hasn’t at all.  We’re also delighted with the design.