Top BBQ tips for 2021 • SolarFrame
BBQ with sausages being cooked

It really feels like summer is on its way and we’re helping you get ready with some must-try ideas from the team at SolarFrame. Time to dust off the BBQ and outdoor furniture and get ready for fun and sunshine. 

Find the right BBQ

Charcoal BBQ alight

Finding the right BBQ for you is critical! The team at SolarFrame prefer a charcoal BBQ over a gas one so that you can get that beautiful smokey flavor throughout your food.

A lid is also highly desired, as it helps lock in taste and keeps moisture where it should be – in the food! Head over to our Facebook page for a chance to win a Weber Bar-B-Kettle Charcoal BBQ – complete with lid!

Check Your Grill for Hotspots with Sliced Bread

Bread on a platter

It’s annoying when your food doesn’t cook right. Too well done on one section of the BBQ and underdone on another!

Save yourself the guess work (and ruined food). Cut up some bread and toast it on the BBQ grill beforehand so you know which areas of the grill burn the hottest.

If you use skewers, soak them in water before you use them to stop them burning.

Clean your grill the easy way!

News paper and grill

If there’s still food left on the grill from your last BBQ, you can remove it by lighting fresh coals and leaving them to burn the left over food off.

After you have finished with your BBQ and it has cooled a bit, you can clean it by laying a sheet of newspaper across the top and spraying it with water. Remember how we said we prefer BBQs with lids? Close the lid for half an hour and the steam will help release all the grease and fat.

You can also use the newspaper beforehand to store your cooking utensils on.

Spend time with your guests

Family gathered to eat

A lot of people are so busy concentrating on cooking the food to perfection, they often overlook the main attraction of the event – spending time with the guests!

And don’t spend too much time making lots of food. If you do make too much pop it in the fridge. You can always light the BBQ up again!

Which home improvement will you choose in 2021?

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