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Benefits of an Insulated Conservatory Roof System

There are many benefits to an insulated conservatory roof system. We’d like to talk through the ones that we think are the best and tend to hit home the hardest with our customers.

Glaringly obvious

A huge amount of people buy a conservatory for somewhere to unwind and destress in the Summer months. Imagine you’ve just settled down with a good book. Or you’re off for an afternoon snooze, and it’s rudely interrupted. The sun has moved over the course of the last hour and its piercing rays are hitting your eyeline. Relaxation is nigh on impossible. Our insulated roof systems will help to prevent any sun glare, allowing your eyes to be free from strain and potential migraines.

Feeling energetic

It can sometimes be a surprise to customers if they have to constantly put the heating on in their new conservatory. Throughout the winter months, conservatories can lose heat fast. This is a huge waste of energy and causes bills to shoot up. With our insulated roof heat stays in, retaining that warm, cozy feeling all year round. The added insulation saves money on bills and can also add value to your home, without costing the earth.

Check your temperature

Ever feel like you’re constantly opening your windows in the summer and constantly wearing extra layers in the winter? This can be a hassle opening windows several times a day if the weather is changing. Security may also be a concern. There is sometimes a misconception that blinds can affect the temperature, but this is not the case. An insulated conservatory roof is key to keep your conservatory ambient year round.


Modern bespoke conservatory extensions can be views as being a separate part of the house. In cases, a completely separate entity. Even though it is technically an add on creating a nice symmetry running throughout the home can make it feel more pleasant. A solid, insulated roof can help to achieve that. They make the ceiling seem closer in appearance to other rooms in the home and less out of place.

Pray silence

It can ruin your day when your conservatory is noisy from rain or wind. And as much as we like to talk about the weather, unfortunately, in the United Kingdom, this can be all too common. Watching TV becomes a chore. Talking to family members/friends can become more challenging than it needs to be. An insulated conservatory roof system reduces the noise levels greatly. The rain and wind sound more like a whisper and less like a torrential storm.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the benefits of an insulated conservatory roof system.

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